The Egocentric Error: How You Can Sell to Anyone

PODCAST | TAI LOPEZ | Jun 2, 2017

Almost everyone in the world makes the ego-centric, which is the error of thinking, often subconsciously, that the world is all about you. That you are, in essence, the “center of the universe.” Whether people think this consciously or not, it manifests itself in the way they behave.
The mistake that this causes in sales and raising money from investors, is that you spend time making assumptions that the potential investor or customer is interested in the same things you are, instead of gathering data about what the other person is really interested in, and what is most important to them.
Learn how to see the world through the wants and desires of those around you, to be able to exert more influence, sell better, and far more effectively raise money, on this episode of the Tai Lopez Show!


Points to Keep In Mind

  • We are all deluded into thinking that we are the center of the universe. It’s simply how our minds tend to function
  • When trying to sell or raise money, forget about what you want, and think only about what the person across from you wants
  • Gather as much data about the person you’re pitching as possible
  • Constantly be gathering data about the world and the people around you
  • Customize your presentation to match the reward that the people you’re presenting to want

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