The Tool to Always Make the Right Decision in Your Life

PODCAST | TAI LOPEZ | Jun 2, 2017

Do you know how to effectively make decisions? A lot of people find themselves paralyzed by the decision making process, when in reality there is a simple tool to help you always make the right decision: Consider the downside.
In every decision you make, look at what the downside of both options is. After looking at both, you usually will realize that one is far worse than the other, and your decision is instantly made.
In addition, the ability to focus is as valuable as ever, but in far less supply than ever. Being able to focus, to keep away from you phone for chunks at a time, and to focus like a laser on a problem will separate you from the crowd and bring success.


Points to keep in mind

  • Most people know what they should do. The difficult thing is simply doing it
  • People struggle with procrastination because they do not have the force of will to do what they need to do
  • In the “soft” life we live in the modern age, most people don’t experience very many life/death moments. But each moment in your life is life/death, as you choose what kind of life you will have
  • Create micro-goals, that each get you slightly closer to your goal
  • Focus can solve a lot of your problems. You can solve almost anything if you focus
  • Consider the downside in every decision, and use that as a tool to make decisions easy

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